Faces of Dark Continent (2010)

Travelling through exotic countries always brings about random encounters with interesting individuals. Taking a minute to study their facial features became very quickly a new hobby of mine but overcoming shyness and relax my subjects with camera pointing at them is still the biggest challenge I face. Every now and then I get lucky...

Mother of my guide luckily surprisingly welcomed her picture to be taken. Very cheerful woman! (Burkina Faso)

Baby on board of a Ghanian tro-tro (minibus). We had loads of non-verbal fun together during my four hour journey to Takoradi.

Mr. Granger, local restaurant owner (Malawi)

"Lady Laughter", a daughter of Mr. Granger. For a week we'd been coming to eat at their restaurant we never found her in a bad mood.

My Togoleese connection - Aiga. Priceless interpreter, very knowledgeable guide and a very good friend.

Burkinabe shepherd. I instantly liked his straight posture and deep honest look. Liking something and capturing it is two different things however. After a while of unnatural smiles and grins, subject finally relaxed and I could be happy with the result.

Ahigbe, a local fisherman. I used his boat services to get around the lagoon. (Benin)

Village woman keeps visit book of Manchewe waterfalls. There is no entry fee here but small donation in name of several community projects is much appreciated. (Malawi)

Tea factory worker. (Tanzania)

Speechless supporter of Burkina Faso.

Woman on a Kumasi market, Ghana. Seeing me wondering around with the camera, she actually asked for her picture to be taken. Happy days! :)

Zambian boy amid a conversation with his peer