African stories (2010)

Photographing people in their usual surrounding is my favourite way of working. They feel it's their environment and I'm the visitor which helps them ease away and sometimes even ignore or forget about me completely. To stay unobtrusive I rarely use my camera flash but as a result pictures sometime end up little grainy. I hope that candid atmosphere and people at ease makes up for it nicely.

A gate keeper of The Tengzug Shrine (Ghana)

Highlander of Mount Mulanje, Malawi

Duties and responsibility come early in Africa. Kojo pauses for a second and poses for the camera. (Ghanaian coast)

A butcher serving it's customer. Yes, I actually ate this and survived... o:) "Zambeef" - Zambia

Very wise and educated woman. You wouldn't really expect many people speaking 3 languages in the rural part of Zambia.

I was intrigued by this boy's outfit. Combination of general lacking cloth and rap artist influence is seen very often among Ghanaian youngsters.

Woman on a market enjoying traditional staple food called "kenke".

Fredie's favourite spot. :) Orphanage in central Ghana.

As long as a kid can count, it can work in a shop. This boy is selling alcohol and stays up with the last customer. Crime is severely punished in remote areas and (maybe as a result) doesn't happen very often.

Lobster is still not a rarity in Gulf of Guinea

Drum maker's wife peers at newly bought TV set (Ghana)

Watchmen on guard, Malawi

Not much is needed for a content life in Malawi

Supporter of Burkina Faso did a great job with his praying beads. 2:1 against favourite Guinea was a small miracle...

Girl from stilt village on Lake Nokoue, Benin. When the water level rises stilts serve their purpose not just for locals but as well for goats, pigs, chicken and other domestic animals.

George, a manager in tea factory inspects the shift and kindly shows us around.